“I love this craft.  Barbering isn’t just about cutting hair.  I’ve become a mentor, friend, father figure, counselor and at times, an inspiration to some.

My journey began in Okinawa, Japan in 1988 during my time in the United States Marine Corps.  What began as a hobby, quickly turned into a passion.  Ten years later, in 1988, I obtained my license in Pennsylvania.  I had the desire to become a manager and open my own high end, luxury barbershop.  I took the necessary action and enrolled in a management course to learn how to effectively run a shop.  Barbering has taken me to many barbershops in Philadelphia, including Philly Styles, Main Attraction and my current home at Barber on 24th.

The days that I cut hair for the homeless are my best days!  Volunteering in the community and give back, is one of my biggest joys.  To be able to use my gift, to have a positive impact, is priceless.

I have worked with numerous celebrities in many industries, from music to television, along with multiple pro athletes but there is no better feeling then taking the time out to give someone in need your gift.  They have such a huge appreciation for your craft.

Being a barber has taken me many places and I appreciate every client, old and new, for being a part of my process.”